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We are excited to announce a new module on our educational website that will provide you with weekly stories. These stories will cover a wide range of topics in different categories such as learning, health and hygiene, self-help, social, and sports among others. At our core, we believe that education…

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We have put in place resources and tools to help schools on their task and functions.

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Our platform offers a collection of tools to create an engaging and effective learning experience. Explore our online dictionary, text sorting tool, photo editor, text generator, and more.

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This collection of Scheme of Work includes lesson plans, lecture guides, and notes designed for both primary and secondary schools. It entails a wide range of subjects, including math, geography, social sciences, and many others.

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Get ready for your upcoming term examinations with this Examination platform. Access a broad range of exam questions for primary and secondary subjects (Mathematics, English, Physics, PHE, Chemistry, Biology, Social Studies etc), and download them for offline practice.

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Improve your knowledge and cognitive abilities with Folklight Quizmaster's exceptional educational games and general quizzes. Explore our platform's diverse range of quizzes on subjects including animals, geography, sports, social science etc.

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What Makes a Good Student: Qualities of Good Students

Being a good student is not just about being at the top of the class or having a high IQ…


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The employment of web developers and digital designers is increasing every day, making coding and web development one of the…


Why School is NOT a Waste of Time

Many will argue that school is a waste of time with an outdated curriculum that it does not prepare individuals…


The Importance of Adding Your School to Google Maps

Technology plays a vital role in almost every aspect of our lives. One sector where the impact is undoubtable felt…


Effective Strategies for Full-Time Teachers to Manage Stress and Improve Well-being

Teaching can be a rewarding profession, but also stressful. As a full-time teacher, you have to manage multiple responsibilities such…


The Importance of Accountants in Schools: Managing Finances for Better Education

Money makes the world go round. Educational institutions require a significant amount of financial resources to operate, from paying teachers’…