Tiny Harris’ Latest Pics Have People Talking About The Color Of Her Skin


Tiny Harris flaunts blonde hair in her latest pics and people are gushing over her beauty in the comments. On the other hand, more haters say that she’s doing all that she can to look white.

Tiny could not take this anymore, especially since she hasbeen explaining people hat she’s half white and half black and she got the best of of the two.

She responded to the mater and said the following:

‘no bi*ch I am 50% white & black..The best of both worlds!! U mad hoe?!! ???’ Tiny said.

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I can’t get enough of this hair @wowigshair ?. Just want to thank y’all for always keeping me laced with the best bundles & wigs. ✔

A post shared by Majorgirl (@majorgirl) on Aug 10, 2019 at 2:10pm PDT

Somoene posted: ‘@majorgirl no need to address the peasants Queen, keep sitting on your throne.’

A follower said: ‘@majorgirl who care about what color and acting what way, the homie TIP be smashing, you got a beautiful family, great career, and a god that love you, at the end of the day that’s all you need.’

One fan praised Tiny and said: ‘Love and Respect for Mrs.Harris she is kind, caring, beautiful and so talented one hell of a Lady BOSS. She keeps it 100 you and Tip ALWAYS make sure your family comes first always and forever.’

Someone else posted: ‘That’s so cute, it makes u look like a human Barbie Doll. Absolutely gorgeous ????

A fan gushed over Tiny and said: ‘@majorgirl Your right, best of both worlds… President Barack Obama taught us that…. You have the power to unit black and white something very few can do; God knew what he was doing when he created you….. it’s truly a blessing Tiny see both races mixed together #Doublelovegirl… I have always thought you were a beautiful sweetheart… #cancersweetheart?

Recently, Tiny shared some new pics from the making of her latest video from a recent song. Her fans are saying that she’s aging backwards.

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